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Nepalese CUisine

Welcome to the exotic Nepalese restaurant Sagun and feel the taste of flavors all the way from the country of Himalayas. 

Sagun offers genuine Nepalese cuisine, fresh local and Finnish ingredients. Meat from a sought-after store and fish delivered by local Salpausselkä Kala. Fresh cheese we do ourselves daily. We prepare food using genuine Nepalese technology. Our chefs boast wonderful, authentic flavors that differ from our restaurant. Our food does not just taste great but it is also healthy.

We here at restaurant Sagun are committed in preserving a culture, tradition and standard in culinary tastes that you would appreciate. Restaurant Sagun offers fine, upmarket Nepalese Cuisine set in comfortable, fresh and modern interior with soft lighting and warm atmosphere. Diners can enjoy a variety of dishes from an extensive mouth-watering menu.

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Our Menu.

fresh from the kitchen


Chicken Salad


Special Butter Chicken


Mango Lassi

Shrimp Soup

Chicken Malwani

Fried Banana

Spring Rools

Sagun Tandoori Mix

Nepalese Coffee

Ravintola Sagun

Nepalese Cuisine


Vuorikatu 24, 15110 Lahti 


Nepalilainen Ravintola Sagun


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