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Deep fried (cheese-cauliflower-potato-cshewnuts balls) in a sesame-onion-cream sauce.

Spinach balls in a tomato-onion-cream sauce.

Fresh garden mix vegetables, coated with cheese & cashew cream sauce.

Cottage cheese cubes; in cashewnuts-tomato-butter-cream sauce.

Cottage cheese cubes in spinach-cream sauce.

Tofu pieces in; onion,capsicum & chilies in thick hot spicy garlic-ginger-soy-tomato sauce.

Lentils , fried, onion, garlic,ginger ,tomato & fresh herbs.

Lentils and checkpeas ,fried onion,garlic,ginger,tomato,cream & fresh herbs.

Cottage cheese and capsicum in onion-karahi sauce.

Chef recommendation vegetable and Dal.

Each above mentioned dishes includes Basmati rice (Fresh steued Vegetables + 2 €) raitaa, Minttu-Chutney and Tandoori Naan-Bread.

G= Gluten-Free , L=Lactose-Free,

P=Nuts-Free, V=Vegan

Enjoy the food.

with family & friends

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