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Sagun offers genuine Nepalese cuisine, fresh local and Finnish ingredients. Meat from a sought-after store and fish delivered by local Salpausselkä Kala. Fresh cheese we do ourselves daily. We prepare food using genuine Nepalese technology. Our chefs boast wonderful, authentic flavors that differ from our restaurant. Our food does not just taste great but it is also healthy.

Sagun Special Offer

Enjoy healthy and affordable Nepalese food in lahti. Taste the best of Nepalese cuisine . There are variety of option of Nepalese food to choose from. 
Vegetable Curry
Chicken Curry
lamb Curry

Nepalese food since 1993

My Cooking passion started with learning Grandmas handmade technics. Carefully selected ingredients, fresh hand-made spices. Over 21 years working in cooking industry from different parts of Nepal, taking experience in Delhi, Punjab and other Asian country before coming to Finland.

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Sagun Restaurant is located in the heart of Lahti at an easy to access location.
You are welcome to eat healthy Nepalese food at Vuorikatu 24 Lahti

Working Hours

Sagun Nepalese restaurant Lahti is open for service on the following time and date below.

11am - 21pm
Lunch daily
11am - 15pm
12am - 22pm
12am - 20pm

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